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Fiesta Taco Inflatable Costume
Hungry for fun costume ideas? Get your fill of delightful ensembles with the Holidayana Taco Halloween Inflatable Costume!Ideal for Halloween, cosplay, theme parties or extra special Taco Tuesdays! The inflatable Taco suit comes with a fan box that blows it up in minutes. With its standard adult size, it is...
Dynamo "Destroyer of Worlds" Robot Inflatable Costume
Think a fun, unique, and comfortable costume is impossible to find? Think again! The Holidayana Robot Adult Inflatable Costume is all that — and more!Transform into this fun-loving Robot without any trouble at all! Every package comes with a battery fan box that inflates the suit in minutes. Be the hero...
Building and Gorilla Inflatable Costume
Halloween and theme parties can get dull and predictable — unless you wear the Holidayana Building-Climbing Gorilla Inflatable Costume!This is the ensemble to wear if you want to turn heads or have your friends shrieking in delight! Featuring a gorilla climbing a building, it’s an outfit that combines visual illusion,...
Bread Cat Inflatable Costume
Looking for unique, eye-catching costumes? Whether you’re prepping for Halloween or a theme party, the Holidayana Bread Cat Adult Halloween Inflatable Costume is a perfect fit!Ideal for Halloween, cosplay, and theme parties, this Blowup Bread Cat suit is a hit for both men and women all-year round. Every package comes...

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