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Sale closeup of  Halloween Animatronics Dismembered Crawling Clown

Halloween Animatronics Animated Clown Decoration -Motion Activated



Unavailable Available Only few left Out of stock Pre-order

Features and Specs:

  • 1 2/3 ft tall
  • 5 spooky phrases
  • LED eyes
  • Pose-able
  • Scary Movement
  • Motion/Light Activated
  • Try me button

Razor the dismembered clown was cut in half as a punishment by the circus of terror. He comes up every Halloween to seek revenge on anyone enjoying the festivities. 

Razor will stay quiet lurking in the dark until someone is close enough. This awakens the monster and your unsuspecting victim is met with ghoulish phrases, glowing eyes and terrifying squirming motion. Not just Halloween decor but a truly terrifying experience. Scary addition for haunted house decorations or home Halloween decor


That’s it, come closer! I’ve got something for you and it’s not a balloon! Ahahahahaha!!!

Go ahead run away. I’ll just catch up with you later… in your nightmares!!  Hahahaha!!

Hey, you look familiar. Maybe because I’ve been hiding under your bed. Wahahaha!!!

Right this way. The show’s starting. We wouldn’t dream of starting... without you. Hahahahah!

Oh! did I scare you? Good! You taste much better when you're scared! AHAHAHAH


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