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Sale Mow your Gnome Yard Figure

Mow your Gnome Yard Figure



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  • Have pesky gnomes been rummaging through your trash at night, eating all of your yesterdays delights?
  • Have sassy little gnomes been leaving little stinky presents to step on in your lawn every morning?
  • Is your Underwear missing?!?!

It's time to fight back! Set this yard figurine in your yard and let the gnomes know you mean business. The gnomes will pay. The gnomes will surrender.

-Holidayana Anti-Gnome Society

Material: We're not really sure. The factory said something about resin, but I wasn't listening. Don't worry though, it's really tough and durable.

Size: It's about the size of your average household plumbus, or two bananas in length.

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